Can any school foster pure creativity?

Can Any School Foster Pure Creativity? By Cevin Soling offers insight as to how we can promote creativity in schools. For example he argues about the issue with measuring creativity and whether it can be successfully done or that schools house large numbers of students and this can limit creative options in relation to curriculum requirements. What about how many risks students take when submitting and presenting creative works. These are just a few of the valid points Soling makes throughout his work but what he is truly advocating for is a change and that schools need to be reinvented to promote more creativity as it could help students’ cope with their classroom environments and keep them interested in what they are learning.

Something Soling presented that we found interesting is
“Promoting creativity would require an entirely new conception of public schooling. Teachers would have to be transformed into mentors whose mission would be to support the individual interests of each child and introduce them to new ideas and possibilities, which the student may or may not opt to embrace. Traditional testing would have to be eliminated – tests implicitly teach that failure is bad and that there is only one right answer. Creative learning would be more effectively promoted by having students actively engage in their creative pursuits as opposed to being confined to a classroom.”
While he mentions that some of these environments already exist there are too few of them actively promoting this type of structure. We would like to see more students fabricating their own interests into what they pursue.

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Can Any School Foster Pure Creativity?

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